All our 409 guest rooms are furnished with bright and contemporary interior designs that provide you with a cozy and relaxing space. On the Club Floor of our hotel, be treated to an amazing view of the city of Hiroshima and islands in the Seto Inland Sea till as far as Itsukushima Island, known to be one of the most beautiful places in Japan.

”Sleep Advantage” is an original program developed to meet the needs of Japanese guests. Our unique program guarantees a great night’s rest the moment you go to bed, and a fresh start to your day the next morning.

Standard Floor

Type Floor Room size Bed size
Single 7F-12F 18 1,200mm×2,050mm
Moderate Double 7F-12F 22 1,600mm×2,030mm
Twin 7F-12F 26-30 1,200mm×2,050mm

Middle Floor

Type Floor Room size Bed size
Single 14F-19F 18 1,200mm×2,050mm
Moderate Double 14F-19F 22 1,600mm×2,030mm
Double 14F-18F 26-30 1,800mm×2,050mm
Twin 14F-18F 27-30 1,200mm×2,050mm

Club Floor

Type Floor Room size Bed size
Moderate Double 19F-21F 23-30 1,600mm×2,030mm
Double 19F-21F 26-30 1,800mm×2,050mm
Twin 19F-21F 27-31 1,200mm×2,080mm
Executive Twin 19F-21F 53 1,400mm×2,050mm
Executive Royal 21F 75 1,400mm×2,050mm